• Turn words into clicks.

    Turn words into clicks

    It isn't web copy you're really interested in. It's the results great web copy can bring. Smooth your customers' path from home page to checkout.

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  • Email marketing writing

    You send. Customers spend.

    Get smart, response-focused email marketing copy that brings your campaigns to life.

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  • Brochure copywriting

    Make it a real page-turner.

    Not every customer will read your brochure, but the ones who do are the ones most likely to buy. Hook them with brilliant brochure writing.

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Get more from your marketing. Choose a freelance copywriter trusted by global brands – like TomTom and Spear & Jackson – and growing businesses alike. From my desk in Manchester UK, I write for clients all over the world. My project quotes are quick and free, so why not request one?
Web copywriting
Your web pages have a destiny: to get customers buying, calling or clicking. Make sure that destiny is fulfilled, with brilliant web copywriting. More →
Email marketing copy
If your email campaigns need a pick-me-up, I can help you get more responses with irresistible subject lines, focused messaging and engaging copy. More →
Brochure copywriting
The brochure that sells has depth to match its beautiful design. Take customers over the tipping point with smart and stylish brochure writing. More →

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A bit of chest beating about SEO content writing

There was a time, around 2009, when companies would ask me to write very-SEO-focused web content for them. It doesn’t happen much anymore, probably since Google acted to stamp out content aimed more at search bots than people. But SEO is still an important consideration for most corporate web content.

Today (12th Jan actually, this one’s a scheduled post) I was reminded that I’m actually pretty good at that stuff, when I did a quick check of my own website’s organic search performance. Continue reading -→

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