I’m blogging about email marketing over at Mailrelay.com

Have you heard of Mailrelay? To be honest, when they first got in touch with me about writing for their blog, I hadn’t.

But I’ve since learned they’re a leading developer of email marketing tools, with branches in New York, Madrid and Brazil. So I’m quite proud to be sharing with their customers what I’ve learned about email over the past 7 years. Continue reading -→

Well, I’ve survived five years as a freelance copywriter

So here we are: Wheatley Copywriting’s first meaningful-sounding anniversary.

Five years ago today I became a full-time freelance copywriter. I’d also been doing it in my spare time for a year prior to that. Now I can finally call myself ‘experienced’ without feeling a little bit dishonest!

It was a bit of a scary start. Continue reading -→