Is your company notable enough for its own Wikipedia page?

As a freelance copywriter selling my time through the web, I get all kinds of strange requests – not all of which are strictly ethical.

I’ve been asked to re-word legal contracts on the cheap, even though I’m not qualified to do so. One client wanted me to cook up phoney testimonials for his website. I’ve even been approached by a payday loan company. Not legally unethical, but eww all the same.

Another one I’m asked about now and again is Wikipedia. Continue reading -→

Good ideas for your new indie game’s press release

It’s a couple of years since I helped out with press releases for a small indie game called Apple Jack 2 . But I’m still amazed by what we achieved, and I’ve been meaning to write it up to help other developers ever since. Better late than never.

Apple Jack 2 is a genuine independent game, made by one talented fellow from the South of England. None of this Kickstarter stuff! Developer Tim Sycamore at one time tagged his company “the zero-budget game developer,” and it’s a fitting slogan. The game’s few external contributors worked for no money up-front, but shared in pretty good profits afterwards.

So how, with such limited resources, did AJ2 wind up on the front pages of massive gaming sites like IGN and Eurogamer? If you’re a game developer, the answers to this question could maybe help you do the same. Continue reading -→

Share it like Beckham: 5 ways the unlikely social media genius scores on Facebook

David Beckham’s alright, isn’t he? Even when he was at Manchester United, back when my team Newcastle were good enough to be their bitter rivals, he just seemed like a decent guy. Maybe that’s not difficult when you’re standing next to Roy Keane and Gary Neville. But I digress.

Beckham’s also a born winner. He’s got a magic about him that turns everything he touches to gold. And, as I discovered when I visited his Facebook page, that includes social media. Continue reading -→

My site’s 7 best SEO web copywriting takeaways

For someone who works in marketing, I advertise my own business very infrequently. But that’s because I have one very efficient advert running 24 hours a day. It’s this website.

About 90% of my new clients contact me via here. Most are British, but some are from as far away as Australia and Indonesia. They find me through ordinary Google search. Not AdWords or other pay-per-click ads.

I’m only partly here to brag though. I built my website around a simple post-Panda and Hummingbird SEO strategy. And it’s working, so I thought I’d share. Continue reading -→

The three watchwords behind a great testimonials page

Have you ever looked at the testimonials page of a company’s website and thought:

“This page doesn’t make me want to buy from Honest Jim’s Used Cars … it actually makes me trust them less!”

I have. Obviously. So when I was making my own testimonials page a year ago, I had a good think about what should go on it. And since that page has worked pretty well for me, I thought I’d share my ideas with you. Continue reading -→

Are siren-like headlines singing you to shipwreck?

We’re all looking for something. That’s true whether we’re headline writers or headline readers.

The sailors of Ancient Greek myth were looking for something too. So lonely after months at sea, they were often hypnotised by siren songs before setting a deadly course for the rocks.

There lay the beautiful sirens: singing with their boobs out, the brazen hussies, and offering the very thing their audience had been dreaming of. Exactly like a good headline, but with breasts. Continue reading -→