Let’s slap this blog awake with a copywriting project roundup

Six whole months without posting! Yep, I’m a disgrace. It’s a shame too, because I actually had a few readers.

But then things got busy with work. And like millions of others before it, this blog was left to gather dust.

So to try and kick things off again, here’s a little roundup of what was stopping me from writing more silly posts about Jack Palance, mermaids and other stuff vaguely related to selling things with words.

Over the past six months, I’ve written for clients new and old about:

Software that’s bringing car dealerships into the 21st Century

DMS Ltd software: it helps sell Ferraris. Possibly.Dealer Management Services’ software helps car dealers integrate every function of their business, from marketing to the workshop, in one management tool. I’ve been helping the company develop the messaging on its website, brochure pages and advertising. It’s been great too – software-related projects are my favourites.

The world’s first cloud-based CAD/CAM software

Paramach cloud-based CAD softwareThis was exciting to be a part of. I wrote a press release and email copy about Paramach, the first CAD software that runs in just a browser. Again, I love writing about software and I’m always on the lookout for projects like this one.

An exciting collaboration between two historic garden brands

Spear & Jackson's Kew Gardens CollectionI’ve been writing bits and bobs for Spear & Jackson for a while, but their new collaboration with Kew Gardens was one of the most exciting things they’ve asked me in for yet. It got picked up by lots of gardening magazines too. (Though in truth, the companies involved pretty much guaranteed that!)

Brilliant conference venues

VenuemastersSheffield-based Venuemasters is all about telling the world how great academic venues are. And they’re delightful people to have a meeting with, too. I wrote the copy for a couple of their websites, which advertised their annual conference and venue exhibition.

An online computer monitor superstore

Beetronics PC display storeDutch online retailer Beetronics sells PC displays of all sizes, aspects, input types and technology types. So naturally they had a lot of product descriptions to write. I edited about a hundred product pages for Beetronics, in double-quick time and on a pretty small budget.

Explaining a brand new way to win

What's FU? I hope you're going to find out someday soon!FU is going to revolutionise the way we win prizes online, and that made it a really exciting project to be a part of. It’s a beautifully simple idea (which I’m not really allowed to talk about yet). But even the simplest ideas need to be communicated well. I wrote the copy for FU’s consumer and B2B websites. They should be live soon.

A unique way to diet with… photos?

Photo DietThis interesting start-up offers personalised diet advice by smartphone. Dieters send in a photo of each meal, and they get expert advice on exactly what needs to change if they’re going to lose those pounds. Pretty cool idea, eh? For Photo Diet I edited some web copy, wrote customer emails and came up with the sales copy for an accompanying Kindle e-book.

A British gift shop, all in Japanese

Red Post Box's Georgie the CorgiMrs Wheatley and I are currently in the (long) process of setting up an online shop, which sells British-made gifts to Japanese consumers. Hopefully we’ll get the store finished soon, but in the meantime feel free to visit our Facebook page. We’ve got hundreds of fans already!

Loads more besides…

Sadly, some of my higher-profile clients made me sign NDAs
I also helped a big Asian media company with their corporate communications. Wrote email and web copy for a leading navigation brand. And I’ve been writing a ton of property brochures for some of Britain’s best home builders. Sadly I’m not allowed to name any names, due to confidentiality agreements. Oh well.

So that’s that. I’m very much alive and working with some lovely clients.

If you need a freelance copywriter with lots of experience – this July will be my fifth anniversary as a copywriter – get in touch.

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    That’s a lot of work in 6 months, but I hope the blog makes a long term come back.

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