Belatedly celebrating 7 years as a freelance copywriter

It was early July 2008 that I broke free from the shackles of full-time employment and officially became a freelance copywriter.

I wrote quite a popular article about how I did that here.

So much has changed since then. I’ve lived in three different cities. Started a family. Travelled all over the world (although still not to my dream destination, Japan).

But most importantly – for this post, anyway – I’ve become much better at my job.

Having spent all this time spent writing copy every day means:

It’s been a great seven years.

Huge thanks to all my clients – I hope I can work with you all for the next seven, and keep making my copywriting service better and better as we go.

Need a copywriter?

Looking for a copywriter with the experience to deliver results? As you’ve just read, I’ve got it – get in touch for a quote.

Last modified on September 28th, 2015 by Neil Wheatley
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The undisputed world's tallest freelance copywriter, since 2008. Please don't write in if you're taller. Technology, software, games and property are some of my favourite markets to write for. My time is split between Manchester and Sheffield, UK and I work with clients all over the world.

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