I’m blogging about email marketing over at Mailrelay.com

Have you heard of Mailrelay? To be honest, when they first got in touch with me about writing for their blog, I hadn’t.

But I’ve since learned they’re a leading developer of email marketing tools, with branches in New York, Madrid and Brazil. So I’m quite proud to be sharing with their customers what I’ve learned about email over the past 7 years.

Since May, I’ve covered quite a few topics for the site including:

So if you’re thinking about requesting an email writing quote from me, these might be worth a read. They should give you a good idea of what I can bring to your campaigns.

Or if you just want some good email marketing tips – check out my posts at Mailrelay,com, and the other great content on their blog too.

See all my posts at Mailrelay here.

And if you need more hands-on help with your email marketing, feel free to get in touch.

Last modified on September 22nd, 2015 by Neil Wheatley
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