I’m blogging about email marketing over at Mailrelay.com

Have you heard of Mailrelay? To be honest, when they first got in touch with me about writing for their blog, I hadn’t.

But I’ve since learned they’re a leading developer of email marketing tools, with branches in New York, Madrid and Brazil. So I’m quite proud to be sharing with their customers what I’ve learned about email over the past 7 years. Continue reading -→

Let’s slap this blog awake with a copywriting project roundup

Six whole months without posting! Yep, I’m a disgrace. It’s a shame too, because I actually had a few readers.

But then things got busy with work. And like millions of others before it, this blog was left to gather dust.

So to try and kick things off again, here’s a little roundup of what was stopping me from writing more silly posts about Jack Palance, mermaids and other stuff vaguely related to selling things with words. Continue reading -→

The secret of successful email marketing copy is “just one thing”

Curly from City Slickers, you enigmatic old wrangler. You made such an intimidating first impression, yet such wisdom lay within. You knew how to deliver a baby calf. How to protect a lady from drunken varmints. You knew the meaning of life itself, goddammit.

As it happens, Curly even understood the secret of writing a successful email marketing message – despite dying around five years before such a thing existed.

Oh yes. Because the best email marketing copy, like a fulfilling life, is about just one thing. Continue reading -→