Good ideas for your new indie game’s press release

It’s a couple of years since I helped out with press releases for a small indie game called Apple Jack 2 . But I’m still amazed by what we achieved, and I’ve been meaning to write it up to help other developers ever since. Better late than never.

Apple Jack 2 is a genuine independent game, made by one talented fellow from the South of England. None of this Kickstarter stuff! Developer Tim Sycamore at one time tagged his company “the zero-budget game developer,” and it’s a fitting slogan. The game’s few external contributors worked for no money up-front, but shared in pretty good profits afterwards.

So how, with such limited resources, did AJ2 wind up on the front pages of massive gaming sites like IGN and Eurogamer? If you’re a game developer, the answers to this question could maybe help you do the same. Continue reading -→

Which UK agencies specialise in video game marketing?

I’ve finally been taking some time to try getting involved in more video marketing, advertising and PR writing. I’ve started with finding out which UK agencies do this kind of work.

Since I know lots of people are interested in this kind of thing, I thought I’d share.

Here’s a list of the agencies I found. A lot of them are Nintendo-related, since I’m basically a super-fan. Continue reading -→