Let’s slap this blog awake with a copywriting project roundup

Six whole months without posting! Yep, I’m a disgrace. It’s a shame too, because I actually had a few readers.

But then things got busy with work. And like millions of others before it, this blog was left to gather dust.

So to try and kick things off again, here’s a little roundup of what was stopping me from writing more silly posts about Jack Palance, mermaids and other stuff vaguely related to selling things with words. Continue reading -→

Five reasons video won’t totally erase the written web page

I know what you’re thinking: “Aah, he’s a web copywriter. Of course he wants us to think web copy is better than web video. He’s scared! Look at the chicken copywriter who’s afriad of what video might do to his business! Buuu-ck buck buck!”

Well you can stop your taunts. I like video and I’ve written quite a few voice over scripts.

I was actually inspired to write this post by something I saw on Google+. It was an advice video, made by Google, on what to do if your site is underperforming in search.

It sounded pretty interesting, but it didn’t get my click. I didn’t want to watch a video you see, I wanted to read about it instead. Then I started thinking about why and I got a surprise: there are lots of reasons I still prefer written web copy over video. Continue reading -→